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Commercial MOT Preparation

Here at Wymarsh Commercials, we understand it’s business critical that your vehicles are kept on the road at all times. In order to ensure this happens, it’s vital your vehicle(s) pass their annual MOT at the first time of asking.

This is where we can help. We offer a comprehensive inspection, then fully prepare and present your vehicle for MOT. Our qualified and experienced technicians will expertly consider all aspects of the test prior to presentation.

We offer this service for any commercial vehicle, from a 3.5 tonne vehicle through to a 40 tonne HGV. Following the inspection, we can then complete any repairs required prior to the MOT test, alleviating the worry of whether the vehicle will pass or fail and ensuring your vehicles are kept on the road.


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I recommend Wymarsh Commercials to all of the transport companies I deal with. Well done and thank you for keeping our fleet of vehicles running smoothly right throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
Dean Tomlinson - Connecting Couriers

Why Wymarsh?

We understand we are not your only option. But here is what you will receive every time you engage with Wymarsh:

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